Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?

Attitudes Are Contagious – Is Yours Worth Catching?

Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” While I agree attitudes can make a big difference, I don’t think attitudes are little things!

Think about it for a minute, if you were asked, “What is an attitude?” how would you respond? An attitude is _______ (fill in the blank). I ask this question quite a bit and I’ve received responses such as attitudes are positive or negative; an attitude is passing judgment; an attitude is a feeling, a belief, an opinion, or a bias. A definition I learned a few years ago is that, “Attitudes are habits of thought.” If that’s true, then our attitudes impact everything we do. Our habits impact the way we think, the way we think impacts our behavior, and the way we behave impacts our results or outcomes. Our attitudes predict our future behavior and they influence our social perceptions and memories.
I mentioned that I believed attitudes are habits of thought when I was speaking at a conference last weekend. One of the participants nodded in agreement then said, “When my daughter wakes up in the morning, she’s often really crabby and cranky. I tell her that she had better change her attitude before she leaves for the school. She then goes to her room and comes back with a positive attitude.” Then she said, “If attitudes are habits of thought, am I setting her up to need therapy by telling her she has to change her attitude?” We opened that up for discussion and everyone agreed that she was teaching her daughter a really powerful lesson, one that we can all benefit from, that lesson is that we control our attitudes and we can choose which attitude carries us through the day. 
Where do Attitudes Come From?
Some behavioral researchers suggest approximately 90-95% of our attitudes are formed during our childhood; more specifically, by the age of 5. Let’s explore this concept: What are the first few words a child learns? Mommy, daddy, and no. We got a lot of “no’s” in our early years. Those “no’s” turn to don’ts as we start to grow up…”don’t touch the stove”…”don’t chew with your mouthful”…and my favorites: “don’t talk to strangers” and “don’t speak unless you’re spoken too.”
As we move into adulthood I believe those “no’s” and “don’ts” from our childhood often turn into “can’ts” in our adulthood. One of the most common fears in America is public speaking; well, what is public speaking? It’s talking to strangers. Another thing a lot of adults do not enjoy doing is cold calling; well, what is that? Cold calling is not only talking to strangers, it’s also speaking before you’re spoken too!
Coaches Challenge
I’d like to challenge you today to do something differently! I believe we can choose our attitudes just as we can choose our behavior. We can wake up in the morning and decided how we will face the day. If you want different results in your life, it’s not enough to change your behavior, you must also change your attitudes! Identify at least one attitude you need to or want to change; then take responsibility:

Define the attitude you want to change
Understand that attitudes are habits of thought and that your attitudes serve some purpose or that they give you some level of satisfaction
Determine the purpose or level of satisfaction you have from your specific attitude or habit
Replace your attitude with a new one.

Now it’s not as easy as it sounds! It takes time, commitment, and resolve. The fact is, you have to live with yourself and your results and you know your track record better than anyone else. So my final question is this:
How much responsibility are you going to take for your life today?

What’s stopping you from achieving all that you can? Seyfarth Diversified Strategies was found on the belief that every individual has the ability, and can become empowered to be all he/she is capable of becoming. A day, a life, a company, can be changed by understanding and affecting the attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs that drive goals and lead you to success.

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A platiunm automatic medical chronograph wristwatch with registers

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Your Plans Are Temporary – your capability to Arrange is Forever

Your programs tend to be Temporary – your capability to Arrange is Forever

Last week we marked the 65th anniversary for the Normandy intrusion. The planning that happened with this massive Allied undertaking had been substantial. Among contributors on plan was Winston Churchill, one of several great strategic minds of this 20th century. Sir Winston stated, “programs are worthless, preparation is invaluable.”

What did he indicate by that declaration? So how exactly does this effect you? On Summer 6, 1944, boats landed in the wrong beach, airborne troops had been fallen numerous kilometers off target, communications smashed down, cleverness that has been gathered prior to the attack wasn’t accurate and many various other events occurred which were not expected.

To be successful you’ll want TARGETS, to reach those targets you must have a strategy. The lessons that I take from history and apply to planning basically that; develop plans to reach finally your objectives, expect hurdles, be prepared to improve your assumptions not your belief. Berlin plus the beat associated with the Nazi’s stayed objective, however, the hurdles the Allies experienced after D-Day needed many changes and brand-new guidelines to produce their ultimate goal.

Tips in setting SMART targets. The skill of Goal Setting Techniques

S- certain
M- measurable
A- attainable
R- realistic
T- time bound

1. Slim your focus and become certain whenever setting objectives. Concentration is the key to success, the greater defined your goal the more your focus.
2. just what gets calculated gets done. Write down your aims and how you intend on measuring your progress. When you’re able to start to see the objective you tap even more energy and conviction.
3. When establishing your goals you must start thinking about in which will you be now. Objective has to be some thing you imagine you will be capable of doing. Make sure your goal is one thing you enjoy doing, your dedication to remain this course should be assisted in the event that you enjoy the trip.
4. once you evaluate and review your goals cause them to become perhaps not too easy. You will see times you struggle and times you progress faster than expected.
5. there has to be a newbie and end. Your progress must certanly be tracked at regular periods. There needs to be responsibility; it really is easier to remain on track if you have support and reminders. Benchmarks and time periods are many examples, having a coach to deliver comments is priceless.

Napoleon Hill stated, “long lasting mind of guy can conceive and think it can achieve.” You may be the master of one’s fate. The concepts in the list above can change your fate. People simply take additional time to plan a two-week getaway they spend money on preparing their particular everyday lives. Spend money on yourself; jot down your targets and programs today!
Developing Potential, Producing Outcomes
Anovick Associates, LLC.

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Selecting A Carpet Cleaner

Choosing A Carpet Cleaner
Carpet is one thing available in many homes these days. Regardless of ensuring your furnishings never damage the top of your floor, having a carpet may also enhance the appearance of your home. But this will only take place knowing how exactly to keep your carpeting looking clean. Fortunately, there are certain carpet cleaning businesses who can assist you to with this specific.

One of several items that you have to explore whenever choosing a rug cleaning company could be the presence of insurance and bond. Many carpet cleaning companies have actually this in place in order to protect by themselves should one thing eventually the home owner or even to the home throughout the carpet cleaning session. The insurance coverage addresses any injury suffered as the carpeting was damp whilst the relationship covers any scenario wherein the carpet cleaning staff steals through the home owner.

In a few states, certification is also needed prior to a carpet cleaning service company can engage in these types of tasks. Be certain, therefore, to inquire of for a duplicate for this certification from carpet cleaning company that you are deciding on for your need. Take into account that these certifications prove the organization and their workers have actually required instruction and training to undertake the job of a carpet cleaner.

In addition it pays to check on the Winston Salem carpet cleaners that you are thinking about what kind of gear and technology they use. Whenever possible, aim for a carpet cleansing company which employs a truck-mounted hot-water removal strategy.

Of course, everyone desires high quality service. To be guaranteed of this, look for feedback before getting the services of every Winston-Salem rug cleaning business locally. You are able to often do this by taking a look at their particular list of customers and having in contact with each one, or you can additionally go to the website of bbb and look for comments.

Lastly, consider the price to be had by the Winston Salem rug cleaning company. Though it are tempting to get a rug cleaning who is offering to wash each part of your home for a little over five dollars, you have to however do background checks and interview the supplier while you might find your self having to perform some cleansing process yourself all over again.

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Therefore, You Want to Realize about the Salem Witch studies – component Five – How it Ended and Bibiliography

So, You need to Realize about the Salem Witch studies – Part Five – just how it Ended and Bibiliography

Note: here is the last element of a five-part series. For anyone applying this show to create a study, the bibliography by the end relates to all five components.

The way the Salem Witch hysteria ended

On October 12, 1692, the Massachusetts General legal presented a gathering to determine how to handle it concerning the circumstance. They made a decision to forbid further imprisonment for witchcraft.

On October 26, 1692, The church leaders of Massachusetts needed a statewide day’s fasting, wishing Jesus would give them the solution to the witch issue.

Although the accusations remained coming in, men and women accused were today let out on bail, instead of thrown into the already overflowing jails. People were beginning to see the blunders that had been made, now the leaders were trying to puzzle out how-to put a stop to it. These were caught between a rock and a difficult spot. They are able ton’t very well pardon the witches and acknowledge to putting 20 (including Giles Corey) innocent visitors to death, nonetheless they cannot in great conscience enable the studies to continue. The questions continued for another 4 months while 150 of accused sat in prison. Eventually, in May, all accused witches had been discharged, and might be released from jail providing their particular prison expenses were paid.

After numerous petitions, in October, 1710, the overall legal reversed the beliefs against those that had family to inquire about. Bridget Bishop, Susannah Martin, Alice Parker, Ann Prudeator, Wilmott Redd, and Margaret Scott weren’t cleared because they didn’t have family members to petition with the person.

On December 17, 1711, the categories of the executed witches got the sum of 578 pounds and 12 shillings is distributed among 24 family members of accused witches.

Your family of John Procter, the essential rich of the hanged, was given 150 weight.
The family of George Jacobs was handed 79 weight.
Your family of George Burroughs, the minister whom said the right “Our Father,” was handed 50 weight.
Your family of Elizabeth Howe, who was fairly affluent, was presented with 12 pounds.
Sarah Good’s husband, William, was handed 30 weight.
Abigail Hobbs ended up being allocated 10 weight.

Just what occurred to…

Mrs. Parris died in 1696.

Samuel Parris tried to keep their work in Salem Village, nevertheless the pals and family relations of Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Cloyce could eradicate him. He continued to Stowe, once again arguing over regards to their employment. He lasted truth be told there only annually. After Mrs. Parris’ demise, Samuel married a prosperous lady. He passed away in 1720.

A few of the “afflicted” women, Betty Parris, Elizabeth Booth, Sarah Churchill, and Mercy Lewis all hitched (Mercy married after pregnancy to an illegitimate child).

No-one understands what became of Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susannah Sheldon, and Mary Warren.

Ann Putnam never married. Both of her parents passed away in 1699, Thomas at 46, and Ann Sr. at 37, and Ann had been kept to look after the girl 9 more youthful friends and family. At 26, Ann wrote an official apology that was read to your congregation by the brand new minister, Joseph Green. In her words, “We justly worry i’ve been instrumental, with other people, though ignorantly and unknowingly, to create upon myself which land the shame of innocent bloodstream…As I was a chief tool of accusing Goodwife Nurse along with her two siblings, We aspire to rest in dust, and also to be humbled because of it.” Ann expanded into a sickly woman and died on chronilogical age of 37, like the woman mom.

Authors Note-In investigating, we read extensively on the subject and found ideal types of information become Marion Starkey, The Devil in Massachusetts. And A Delusion of Satan, by Frances Hill. Within my work, We cited my information in parenthesis after every quotation, regrettably the citations would not succeed through switch-over system. Excuse me for just about any trouble. Krista Delle Femine

Aronson, Marc. Witch-Hunt: Secrets associated with the Salem Witch Trials. Nyc: Atheneum Books for Young Audience, 2003.
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